Mansions, Historical Boat Rides, Cooking Class & More From Charleston S.C. To Savannah, Ga

After getting some much needed rest at the luxurious five-star hotel at Wentworth Mansion in Charleston, South Carolina, we all headed over to breakfast at the world class Circa 1886 restaurant. We had a long day ahead of us so we knew early on that we had to have enough energy for a day of excitement. We then had a lesson and presentation about the all-new Toyota Camry with all the features it offers.

The cars were beaming and winking at us like they were saying, “come on you know you want to drive us” lol. We then headed off to our first excursion which was a historical boat ride over Charleston! It was a bit chilly but I was a champ and I even steered the boat with the Captain! It was simply relaxing and the view was amazing! Later on we then hopped back in the Camrys and drove to see the Old Sheldon Church Ruins located Yemasee, SC. This was a  great pit-stop and if you ever want a place to stop and take great photos, this was it!

After a photo shoot there, we drove into Savannah, Ga where we settled in our new hotel at the Mansion at Forsyth Park. This hotel was very swanky and hip with a lot artifacts. We enjoyed complimentary refreshments then got ready for our Wine Tasting, Cooking Class and Dinner with Executive Chef Mark Santiago! WE all had so much fun with him and I helped cook most of the different meals we served! I really enjoyed this part and we made all kinds of southern dishes like Gumbo, Crab Cakes, Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese and Peach Cobbler, yum!!!! It was a great day of relaxation, information, rich history, stunning sights, food and more! Check out all the pictures below and I would like to thank Toyota for all the fabulous memories! 

Vehicle Presentation with Brent Green

And we’re off to start our day in the Toyota Camry!

Historical Boat Tour, Charleston Maritime Center

Zane enjoying life

Old Sheldon Church Ruins Yemasee, SC

For this fun day of driving, I wore a Mud Pie Jesse flounce dress and J.Crew sandals with Louis Vuitton cross body.

Wine Tasting, Cooking Class and Dinner with Chef Mark Santiago at 700 Kitchen Cooking School in Savannah, Ga

Executive Chef Mark Santiago preparing crab cakes

That gumbo, yum!

Me and Amanda getting our “Chef Boyardee” on lol!

Look at those fresh crab cakes, yum. They almost ready!

Yummy Crab Cakes, check out the presentation!

Peach sorbet helps clean your palette



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