Michael B. Jordan Volunteers Jonathan Majors To Be The Next “Sexiest Man Alive”

Today, Sherri sat down with the cast of “Creed III.” Sherri welcomed Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors and breakout star 10-year-old actress Mila Davis-Kent. The cast spoke about what went into making the movie, including their opinions about Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut. Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors also revealed what it feels like to be sex symbols. Jordan volunteered Jonathan Majors to be the next “Sexiest Man Alive” and told him that if he ever needed advice or help along the way, he’d be his “wingman.” See quotes & clips below. We’d love to be considered for coverage! See more inside and a video clip…


Michael B. Jordan Volunteers Jonathan Majors To Be The Next “Sexiest Man Alive”


Sherri: Now Michael, I almost needed oxygen when I saw you on the cover of “Rolling Stone”. What’s going through your mind when you’re doing these photo shoots?


Michael B. Jordan: The crazy thing is, I’m not really big into photo shoots like that. I feel the most vulnerable taking photos like that rather than being on set and boxing. The photos are a bit more work for me. But I had an amazing photographer … Thank you Rolling Stone.


But I’m volunteering my man Jonathan Majors for the next “Sexiest Man Alive.” I think it’s got to be Jonathan.


Sherri: Now that Jonathan is this big sex symbol have you given him any advice on the sex symbolism-ness of it all?


Michael B. Jordan: I don’t think he needs any advice. I think he’s doing the best thing by staying off of social media. And just kind of focusing on the work. And if he needs me, he has a wingman right here.


Jonathan Majors on being a sex symbol and calling Michael B. Jordan his “Big Brother”


Sherri: [Referring to an Essence Magazine cover] So, Jonathan, how does it feel to be a sex symbol? You’re an amazing actor, we know this but you have to admit you’re a sex symbol. How does it feel?


Jonathan Majors:  … I mean it’s so cool because it brings focus to the art, and it brings focus to whatever else. But I got my man here who is also a sex symbol [Michael B. Jordan] so I just follow my brother here.

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