Michael Urie Reveals An “Ugly Betty” Reboot Might Be In The Works On ‘Sherri’

This week, talk show host Sherri Shepherd showed her support for Lizzo after the singer expressed frustration towards social media chatter about her weight. Sherri shared her own experience and encouraged Lizzo to ignore the “haters” and keep inspiring women with her music!

Sherri also sat down with Michael Urie today. The actor revealed an “Ugly Betty” reboot might be in the works!

Sherri: I gotta ask you about “Ugly Betty” …. I saw you having dinner with some of the cast members. Were you guys talking about maybe doing a reboot? Because it’s been 13 years since the finale, Michael. Are you going to have a reboot?

Michael Urie: Well, I would love that. We would love that … I think it’s time! We should do one!

Sherri: What would you be doing now?

Michael Urie: This is what’s so interesting. It was a show about fashion. And it’s been 13 years. Fashion is totally different now, it changes so quickly. I want to know what we would be wearing now. What trends would we be setting in this fashion world? And, Patricia Field, who was our costume designer [also costume designer for Sex and the City, and Emily in Paris], I know she would do it.

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