Wardrobe Breakdown: Kelly Rowland On ‘Tamron Hall Show’

On today’s “Tamron Hall,” Grammy-winning artist Kelly Rowland joined the TamFam to discuss her new Audible Original “Breakthrough, the first ever audio-only singing competition, which she judges alongside singer Sara Bareilles, hosted by Daveed Diggs. The former “Destiny’s Child” member alo spoke of her uncanny resemblance to music legend Donna Summer and the possibility of portraying Summer in a biopic. Rowland spoke about her parenting style with sons, Titan and Noah, alongside husband of nine years, Tim Weatherspoon. The singer also opened up about reconnecting with her estranged father in 2019 and why she now considers herself a “daddy’s girl.” On the show, Kelly wore a silk two-piece pant set that was really nice! See the designer of her outfit inside and a video clip, Happy Friday everyone!

Kelly Rowland on potentially playing Donna Summer:

“Can we just talk about the fact that this woman single-handedly breathed life into disco? I feel like the world knows that and I feel like her daughter Brooklyn, like, definitely talked about it in her documentary, ‘Love to Love You’ which is out right now. It’s just a sweet love letter to her.” Rowland adds, “Every detail matters. I feel like my DC [Destiny’s Child] days taught me that. So when it came to the lighting and the expression and the writing, like I learned so much from Bey and Michelle and just what I’ve gained on my own, I feel like a lot of her story [Donna Summer] and my story kind of line up in strange ways. It’s kind of wild.”

Rowland on her children and husband:

“Honestly, I feel so blessed. My kids are so awesome and I’m learning about motherhood, as I know you know, but every single day I’m learning about the mother I want to be for them. Because when I was a kid, there were certain things that my mom did different with me, you know what I mean, and I’m still like learning about cycles that I want to break, to being a better mom for them, communicating with them…Like allowing him his space to have an opinion while still being respectful because sometimes they take it too far! But him just growing into his own, him [Titan] and Noah, they were just the greatest thing I have ever done and my husband is so incredible. I am so grateful to him, he’s my rock.” On her relationship with her husband and mother-in-law, “We did, we found each other. The sweetest thing he ever told me was ‘I’m going to share my mother with you’ and it was just an interesting walk or journey that I had with my mom, I often talk about that, and his mom is just sugar and pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, just the sweetest cake you ever tasted. She’s so sweet and such a wonderful grandmother.”

Rowland on reuniting with her estranged father in 2019 and now being a “daddy’s girl”:

“I hadn’t seen him since I was eight, we linked back up in 2019. That’s a long time.” Rowland continues, “My dad just had surgery on his eye and he wasn’t taking care of his eye properly. Shame on you daddy, I’m calling you out…He wasn’t taking care of his eye so I got on him about his eye and his wife says ‘Well no one can tell him and check him except for you,’ and I was like ‘Oh I’ll make this a daily thing!’ but he is the sweetest thing ever. I love my dad and I love being a daddy’s girl.”

Rowland on her new Audible Original project “Breakthrough”:

“Think about the first time you heard a song, not for you youngin’ Gen Z folks out there, but for us who know what it’s like to hear a song for the first time. Like I’ll never forget where I was and how I felt when I heard TLC’s ‘Creep’ and I’ll never forget how the horn made me feel and as soon as T-Boz’s voice came in, it felt like…the very first line that she sings I was just like ‘Oh my gosh, this is so dope’ so I was like, I want to use my instincts this whole ride but that’s how I feel like listening to ‘Breakthrough,’ it is goosebumps, it’s moments where you have goosebumps. You can’t see the person so all of your senses are heightened. Sara Bareilles judges with me and Daveed Diggs of course hosted.” Rowland adds. “But when I tell you, these contestants, their stories are moving, the way they express themselves. They could be here, that is what’s cool. You have no idea where these folks are so they could literally be sitting next to you.”

Kelly was wearing a Saint Laurent pant set, cute!

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