Most Hilarious Quotes From Netflix Show, ‘Cooking With Paris’

Paris Hilton can cook…kind of. Check your smoke detector and get ready — Cooking with Paris comes to Netflix August 4th! I had the pleasure of checking out a pre-screening of this new series and it was hilarious! Inside I listed some of the funniest quotes from Paris Hilton and friends, don’t forget to tune in on August 4th!

Episode 1

Excuse me sir what does chives look like, what do I do with them?
My dress got fucked up
Cereal is my favorite food group and my number one is lucky charms
Morning is over rated
i’ll be wearing white silving gloves
My sous chef is Kim Kardashian
Welcome to heaven, yes balloon heaven
Well keep killing it
Its marshmallow time
i love marshmallow my whole life
I almost forgot the most important part and thats glitter
If anybody can help me wake up early and cook a fabulous breakfast, it’s Kim
Kitchen tip, kitchens dont clean themselves bummer!
You’re a hot housewife

Episode 2

What is a tomatillos?
I’m ready to try something totally outside my taco comfort zone
Gonna need more sprinkles
Cotton candy is just sugar with more personality
The is not the best outfit to cook in
alright time for you to take a bath
So happy I got a Photo Booth, always wanted one
Always matching, colored coordinated
This is how bad bitches cook in the kitchen
life is easier with long nails
gloves are my nails, i guess
I’ve never called my self rich bitch but I love that you say that
Rich Bitch Shit, Saweetie should totally trademark that!
Its not burning, its just well done
Let me grab my drink for good luck
Okay lets make tacos
I can’t believe I’m peeling shrimp with you, this is insane
give it a lil wap wap
If you like it, I love it
feels like an orgasm
ugh too many margs

Episode 3

It’s a girls night
I just want a bite of caviar
its not a good time to be a vegan
Oh my don’t ruin my hair
lets kick off this friendship
Is this how you always cook dressed up?
is this how you hang out with your friends all night
Beauty is pain
I only write in rainbow, I get bored
I’m obsessed with McDonalds fries
i want them to match my spray tan
Come on bitch, tan on
The only thing fake on me is my tan, my eyelashes oh and my hair extensions, everything else is real
that is sliving, I trademarked it
They dont want the fake on Canal St
Cute things taste better
rebel for life
just needs ketchup
Disorgainzied pretty mess
Do you work out? Never
I live for the sauce
this is never going to be a strictly vegan house

Episode 4

Killing it
My dress is all about the heart-shaped pasta ravioli
I found a recipe for pink pasta
extension cord where are you
Let me make a note to myself, zester
when all else fails, add sugar
where’s my other phones? I have more
Barbie is ready to cook
I always look for things you can just throw together
Its all about presentation
I’m going to get rid of this girl, bye felicia

Episode 5

raw turkey grosses me out
I never touched a raw turkey, let alone cooked one
glitter makes me happy
what the fuck is that a dick?
Im going to heave
bath time, hot tub
I feel like i’m massaging, like, some fat, hairy gross guy
you better taste amazing
this covers it all except therapy
like who the hell invented like, stuffing a turkey’s ass
that’s gonna be a buttery bitch
this turkey is going to be lit
wait what is this Met Gala
can you fix my bow, like fluff it?

Episode 6

because who doesn’t l love ranch?
may the truffle gods be with me
gold attracted to you
don’t tell my mom, she will think I’m insane
just what you need, another picture of yourself
what does gold taste like, money!
how old was I when I first tried caviar?
wear designer glasses when cutting onions plus it makes you look hot!
Its not the most practical outfit but I like to cook in style
your feathers are all over the food
I needed a perfume break
i’m a natural
you’re saying I cant do presentable?
there’s always time for a selfie
I love those plates what are they Goyard
You have truffleitis
you want to look hot on camera

Synopsis: Paris Hilton can cook…kind of. And she’s turning the traditional cooking show upside down. She’s not a trained chef and she’s not trying to be. With the help of her celebrity friends, she navigates new ingredients, new recipes and exotic kitchen appliances. Inspired by her viral YouTube video, Paris will take us from the grocery store to the finished table spread – and she might actually learn her way around the kitchen.

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