My Boogy Bear Legend, Turns 3 Today!

Happy Birthday goes out to my grandson Legend! It’s his Golden Year because he turned 3 on March 3rd! Boogy Bear has been such a joy to me and he brings me SO much happiness! As you know, we get to hang out a lot and we are inseparable! Things that Legend likes to do…watch Disney Lion King a million times and act out the scenes, talk about animals, explore, go on nature walks, dance, laugh and talk to me about anything!

He is so funny, witty and extremely smart! He learned a new word that he uses a lot which is “disgusting” lol. He uses it in almost every sentence, its the funniest thing! I recently found out on our trip to Denver, Co that he is an adrenaline junky like me and my family lol! He loved snow tubing and sliding down the hill.

He thought it was the coolest thing ever and wanted to do it again and again! He didnt say much but just kept giving us the thumps up that he wanted to go up one more time! Enjoy the snaps that my daughter and Legend did last week and you guys stay blessed out there! I’m very grateful that God sent me Boogy Bear to love, he has been a pure delight in my LIFE!

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