My Daughter Is Dating! So Now What?


I knew it was coming but I just didn’t know when! Thats right guys my Dootie is dating! Lawd have mercy on my soul because her dad is going to have a hissy fit! You may be wondering well why doesn’t he know that his daughter is dating? First off, he doesn’t read my blog, two, he is still working out of town and three, he is in denial lol! He still thinks Dootie is playing with barbie dolls and listening to Cheetah Girls so, yeah he’s not really paying that much attention that his darling daughter is growing up! 


Dootie always bugged me and her dad to death on when it was a good time that she could start dating. We would usually avoid the question but that got old real fast, geesh!  I always said, 16 years old was a good age while my husband said 18. My husband and I would always disagree on this. I didn’t think 18 was a fair age because he was off-the-chain as a teen and we’re not going to even get started on what he was doing but then he went on to say, “thats why!” LOL! This fool right here, lawd! I started dating at 16 and although it was not a good experience because my first boyfriend was pretty abusive, I quickly learned from that situation what I was and was NOT going to put up with later on in life with men. So with my feisty attitude towards men (because of my first experience) I have drilled in my daughter’s head, how men can be and what to watch out for.

I also taught her over the years that she is a princess, expect to be treated like one and NOT to settle for anything less! Every since Dootie started playing in my makeup and combing my hair, I told her she was beautiful. I would say, you know you’re pretty right? You are mommy and daddy’s princess! I think it has went to her head now because this chile here is forever in the damn mirror but oh well, what can I say lol! She is a good girl, goes to church more than me, very bright in school, leader, creative and I will say it, beautiful! I also have been teaching her how to save a dollar, that looks fade, keep her credit tight, dress and act like a lady, be a good person, get a good eduction and speak what’s on your mind when she feels something is not right or that she has been treated unfairly.

So far so good. The boys have always liked my daughter and I have found this part a little mind boggling! I know and see my daughter everyday and she is much curvier than I am. She has learned to embrace her curves though and she is full of confidence, sometimes more than I expected. We have talked about her weight issues, health concerns, body image and more and she is still fine with how she looks. The boys don’t seem to mind either. She is now dating a very nice young man and I will say that I do like him a lot. I like him because he comes from a good family, trustworthy, he really has her best interest and will give her the shirt off his back. He stands up for himself and not shy at all! I don’t like too many boys that she has brought around and I usually ignore them lol. He has been sticking around for a few months now and we will see how this goes… clinching pearls!

My mom never talked to me about boys and what could happen, the birds and the bees etc. I learned a lot of things on my own or from reading books or in the street. Internet was NOT around in my teenage years, wish it was because I wouldn’t have made so many stupid mistakes. Dootie seems to have it all together and I have schooled her on things out here in the world and have given her my advice over and over again. Sometimes telling her things she may not have wanted to hear. She gets utterly embarrassed but then comes back and says, “mom remember when you told me about such and such, wow, that happened to my friend!” I don’t hold anything back from my kids either and often talk to them like adults. If they have questions, I answer them straight, no chaser! Its too much going on in 2014 and they need to know, is my motto! She gets it, she gets life and I don’t want my child too sheltered and gullible where someone takes advantage of her.

One thing for sure, she is listening to me and thank God for that because I watch the news daily and it could be so much worse. She is not a perfect child and noone is and I understand that. She is going to make mistakes. If you have a daughter or son and they’re starting to date, I think you should really talk to them and tell them straight up what’s going on! There is enough teen pregnancies and other harmful things out here that kids need to be aware of! I pray over my kids everyday and although they find me annoying at times, I just want the best for them and their future! I love them both with all my heart and they mean the world to me. Till next time! xoxo

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