My Experience At Getaway Cabin

Hello my lovelies, boy do I have something fun to share with you today! I took a little road trip about an hour and a half away from Atlanta to Suches, Ga way up in the mountains. Lexus was so kind to drop me off their 2019 UX F Sport and we were off! I ventured off to Getaway Cabins for a little relaxation for an overnight stay and some me time to unplug and unwind. It has been a very stressful month for me, so this little time away from all my stresses of everyday life was well worth it for sure!

If you are not familiar with Getaway, it’s a serene place out in the woods where there is a mini-cabin and it’s usually a few hours away from a city. You are usually surrounded by lots of mountains, woods, sometimes lakes or ponds and mother nature. It’s a pretty new company but it’s definitely catching on quickly owned by Jon Staff and Pete Davis. I was lucky to stay at a cozy cabin named “Jerry” that overlooked a lake with lots of trees.

Our drive was not long at all and it was extremely easy to navigate to the outpost sight. I was so nervous because we were in the mountains and I had no reception but my friend’s phone never lost any, so we were fine! The directions were very easy but I do suggest that you download a map and instructions way before your trip, just in case you lose reception like I did. It was such a pretty ride and we stopped several times to snap great photos of everything that was around us etc. Once we arrived, we were blown away with the cabin, nature around us, it was simply breathtaking!

We parked the vehicle and quickly started to unload everything. There is a code you put into the keypad that unlocks the door. We stepped inside and I quickly started to laugh. The first thing I thought of was those shows on HGTV called, “Tiny House”. I mean it literally felt like that but just way cuter in person. We had EVERYTHING we needed and I kinda overpacked because although on the website it said we didn’t have to bring much, I just wanted to be safe because I was not going to try to head out to find a store etc.

The kitchen was very clean with pots, pans, dishes, cups, towels, books, mini fridge, extra food (that you could buy just in case you forget something) let’s just say they thought of everything. We were even surprised with a s’mores kit to cook on the fire pit. Oh yeah, they had plenty of fire starter stuff in a bin outside but we had brought our own firewood etc. I was too excited to cook outdoors! By the way, there was NO mirror or microwave. So I ponytailed it because there was no mirror to do my makeup or hair and try to bring your own wash cloths, they didn’t have any.

Once we finally settled in, it was very cozy and comfortable. The bed was the bomb and very soft. We prepared dinner, played cards, a guessing game and just talked. Luckily, we remembered to download music and played that while we just hung out. It got dark super fast but I had candles and lit them and just watched the sunset, it was so pretty from the big bay window. Very romantic for sure!

This was our cabins name, Jerry

Outdoor fire pit outside came with two chairs and plenty of wood and a fire starter kit.

Welcome packet and goodies

The bed was extremely comfortable and soft! The big bay window added that extra touch.

We didn’t have to bring hardly anything, the kitchenette was filled with lots of amenities.

Loved the view from this big bay window!

Card game in progress

Dinner was really good, fried catfish and smothered potatoes on the fire pit!

Woke up to the best sunrise, it was so pretty you guys! I must say we had a blast!

If you are wondering about how much it cost, it will range from $89-$145 per night. I only stayed for one night because it doesn’t come with wifi and I do have a family, so I didn’t want to be without communication for too long. But after staying, I wish I would have did 2 nights lol. I also thought that I would be scared in the dark, not knowing where I was out in the wilderness hearing animals and loud noises but it was NOTHING like that! I felt very safe, secure and relaxed. I was kinda glad to be isolated out there and although there were other families staying in the nearby cabins, we never saw them or heard a peep out of anyone. It was PERFECT!

The shower was refreshing and we never ran out of hot water. It had body wash, shampoo and conditioner and fresh clean towels as well. The cabin also comes with a/c and heat. So although we were supposed to be “roughing it” no, you don’t have to worry about being hot or cold. I’m telling you guys, it was extremely nice!

If I had to refer Getaway Cabins to any of you, I’m telling you now, I give it a 10 across the board! I would LOVE to head back in the spring time! It was so relaxing, great atmosphere, I loved the view, the cabin, it was extremely clean, didn’t see any bugs at all and I could go on! I highly recommend this cabin if you are looking for a place to take a quick road trip, unwind, unplug etc. You gotta check them out, it’s a fabulous place to visit.

A little reading before my day gets started

Made breakfast, so good!

One last time looking at this pretty scenery

US Getaway States Currently:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Pittsburgh/Cleveland
  • Portland
  • Washington D.C.

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This was a sponsored post, the views and opinions are my own.

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