Highlights From Biloxi, Mississippi

It’s “Throwback Thursday” and I am just sitting here at home looking out the window and reminiscing about all the fun things that I have gotten to do over the years! I get to travel to some amazing destinations. High on my list now is my recent trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. You ever hear someone talk about a place and you’re really not that interested in it, until you actually get to experience it yourself? That is how I felt about Biloxi after getting the opportunity to go last month. 

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

I have never felt so relaxed in my life in any place lol. I guess it was all the water that I was surrounded by that put me at ease, or the comfort food, I don’t know. I can’t really put my finger on it but every place we went to, the people were extremely friendly, the food was amazing and my stay was just very relaxing. I also had a spa experience that really helped me too because for the last few months I have been really stressed! Maybe someone out there knew that I needed to have a quick little get-a-way who knows lol.

Biloxi is one of those places that you can hop in the car with your significant other, a dear friend oh heck you by yourself. Just get in the car and just go! It’s a really short flight too and I got there in no time! Once you land and get to your destination, it feels like you are in another paradise when it’s really only a few miles away.

This is one place you can go for sure without breaking the bank, have great food, entertainment and so much more. I also really enjoyed the live entertainment and while I was there, I got to see Kool & The Gang. Who would have figured I would dance the night away listening to their hit songs and partying with strangers lol. If you can, add this place to your bucket list if you have never been, it’s definitely a must see for real and you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. Till next time! xoxo

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Good food at Mary Mahoney’s Old French House my favorite restaurant!

The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art

Kool & The Gang was amazing at Beau Rivage Hotel

Seeing my bestie Heather smile, was the best part of it all! 





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4 thoughts on “Highlights From Biloxi, Mississippi

  1. This looks like a great experience and a reminder that we have so many wonderful places to visit in the U.S.

    My size was sold out in that swimsuit, but they really have some cute pieces.

  2. OMG Tami, I always visit your site but never comment. You are really looking great! I’m going to restart my exercise routine today. I really love your fashion styles.

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