My Radio Interview With T. Marie About My Divorce, Relationships, Dating Successfully Again And More

I had a lovely time at on-air personality T. Marie’s syndicated radio show yesterday! It’s called, The Conversation: Authentically Speaking with T. Marie and it airs every Sunday from 3-4pm on ATL Talks Radio and I Heart Radio. She is also an Author and has a book out called, “No More Boyfriends”. It was the very first time I publicly talked about going through my divorce, relationships and dating successfully again. I was just not comfortable at first putting my personal business out there but it has been sometime now and who better to talk about it with than with my girl T. Marie. If you have never listened in on her popular radio show, it’s all about relationships and she offers some very good advice to her listeners. So of course I was ready to share my story with her.

The hour went by so fast because her and I vibe very well and it was no holds bar. I’m pretty much an open book anyway and she asked me plenty of questions lol. I talked a bit about what happened that caused my divorce, how I overcame my depression, getting counseling, my 65 lb weight loss, moving forward, dating in Atlanta and my new relationship. It was pretty intense to say the least and I have a video clip of the whole interview inside. Thanks so much T. Marie for having me on and I appreciate you so much! The whole experience was pretty therapeutic for me. More inside and happy Monday everyone!

You can grab T. Marie’s Book No More Boyfriends over at Amazon!

In my interview wearing glittery crop top and pants by Femme Luxe Finery

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2 thoughts on “My Radio Interview With T. Marie About My Divorce, Relationships, Dating Successfully Again And More

  1. I loved this interview. Thank you for your openness and honesty to share your story. Very well done T. Marie. My first time hearing of her and this show. I went through something similar and I’m still waiting for love. I have not given up and believe that it will happen. I’m here to be apart of the non profit and agree that it is a definite need. ALWAYS be self sufficient is the mantra for us all. AMEN!

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