My Style: Adidas Blossom Of Life Cropped Hoodie & Leggings

Fun day out today before it started raining with my baby girl Dootie! She had a few things to do, so I happily carted her around town in the 2019 Lexus RX 450! I love that Lexus has let me keep this luxury vehicle for quite awhile. Boy does it come in handy for shopping and other things that I have to do! It also fits my son comfortably because boy is he forever growing. Remember a few posts back when I said the Dootie bought me a cute Adidas jogger for Christmas? Well, I finally got a chance to wear it today!

She buys me things that she would wear, knowing good n well I don’t need crop tops but she said, “mom you’re tiny now, you can get a way with it” lol. Ok Dootie, whatever you say…giggles! It was pretty warm out so I threw on this jogger to run errands and hit the road! More pics and where to find inside. Stay dry and warm out there! 

Location: Atlanta, Ga

2019 Lexus Hybrid 450 RX F Sport

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City

Beanie Hat: Fashion To Figure (old)

Jogging Suit: Adidas Blossom Of Life Hoodie & Leggings

Purse: Gucci Supreme Blossom top handle bag

Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Photographer: Dootie

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