My Style: Cleah Couture Custom Top

It was such a beautiful day out here in Atlanta. I was invited by Tv Producer Candi Carter and Talk Show Host Tamron Hall to attend a Virtual Social Hour! As you guys know, I have been a huge fan of Tamron Halls since her days over at the Today Show on NBC. I really admire her and when she came to Atlanta to promote her new talk show last year, I was delighted. CBS 46 invited me down to the station to meet her and ask her a few questions about what the show would be about and more! She was very down to earth and fun to talk to.

So when I received an email a few weeks ago from her staff, they asked me if I would be apart of their virtual social hour where we would discuss recent events and more. Of course I said yes. On tomorrows show, it will be entitled, “Hear Us Now”. The one-hour broadcast will showcase the voices of young Americans who are marching, protesting, and demanding change in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

This episode will air tomorrow on the Tamron Hall Show, check your local listings but here in Atlanta, it will air at 3pm on ABC. I want to thank Tamron and Candi (ShowRunner) for inviting me and it went extremely well this evening!

Till then, I wanted to share with you guys my custom top that was handmade by a local African American Fashion Designer by the name of Cleah Couture. I was in her boutique talking with her last week when I got the email from the producers. I let her read it along with me. We both were super excited.

We then thought it would be cute to design a fun top to wear while doing the Zoom social hour. You could only see me from the waist up, so we came up with this ruffle blouse in my signature color pink of course lol. I loved the outcome and you have to visit Cleah’s website to see all that she has, so fabulous! More pictures inside and where to find, have a great day everyone and be safe!

Location: Smyrna, Ga

Hair By Tyra In The City, Makeup by Artist MimiĀ 

Custom Top: Cleah CoutureĀ 

Jeans: Old

Photographer: Mimi

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