My Style: Czarina Kaftan

I really enjoyed sitting out by the pool wearing this dreamy crystal embellished silk lace up v-neckline kaftan! I haven’t worn a kaftan in such a long time. It was delightful when I got an email from a brand called, Czarina-Caftans all the way from Australia asking me if I would like to try one! They have the fanciest kaftans in colorful breezy designs, colors and more! What I love about Kaftans is that you can dress them up or down. Where them out for a romantic dinner, or just lounging around like I did at the pool! They are very diverse and you can add a long skirt or pair of jeans with them, its up to you how you want to rock them. I fell in love with this design because of the style and it’s super soft and sexy! More pictures and where to find inside…

Location: My spot

Hair & Makeup: Me, wearing Essie Limited Edition Spring 2020 Collection Feeling Wellies polish

Kaftan: Czarina Caftan silk top

Bottoms: Femme Luxe Finery UK orange ruched high-waisted string bikini bottoms

Photographer: Jasmine

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