My Style: Donna Wrap Jumpsuit

my style

I attended a private dinner party a few days ago and I had a nice time. When you are invited out to dinner though ofcourse you want to be as comfortable as you can be plus have some let out room too lol so I wore this comfy jumpsuit for the occasion.

I was watching a daytime talk show this morning and I found out that a lot of women do not like wearing jumpsuits because for one, they are hard to get out of if you have to go to the restroom and two, they say that most women just do not look right in them. I found that startling!

I never knew that information and I personally have a closet full of them lol! You learn something new everyday. Now that I think about it, my bestie Heather doesn’t like them either because she says she just do not fill them out right. I think with the right undergarments, any woman can wear them. I guess to each his own. Anyway more pics and where to find this look inside…



my style

my style

Publicist Nicole Garner and I rocking jumpsuits!


Location: Studio 7 Atlanta, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Me, wearing Eye For Design Hair use code Tami10

Jumpsuit: Fashion To Figure Donna Wrap Jumpsuit

Purse: Bag Borrow or Steal Chanel Quilted Flap Bag

Photographer: Genae Banks Photography  & The Garner Circle PR

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2 thoughts on “My Style: Donna Wrap Jumpsuit

  1. I agree that I hate the bathroom factor, but I love the look. As long as it doesn’t gather when I walk, I am usually good.

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