My Style: Draped Maxi Dress

fashion to figure

I can honestly say that I had a blast while visiting Omni Hotel & Resorts on Amelia Island. The weather was perfect and I still got to wear a few of my favorite sleeveless dresses because it was about 85 degrees out every single day. It had rained there all week but when we arrived, it had cleared up, thank goodness! Nothing like going on a vacation and it rains the whole time. Ive been on a few trips like that. Florida weather is pretty spotty and sometimes it rains then clears right up then the sun comes out. I was headed to breakfast on a golf course before we left to head back home, so I wore this cute but comfy draped dress. I just pulled my hair back and added sunglasses. The breakfast was pretty yummy too! More pics and where to find inside! 

fashion to figure

amelia island

fashion to figure

Location: Omni Hotels & Resorts Amelia Island and Plantation

Hair & Makeup: Me, wearing Eye For Design Hair, Brazilian Bodywave, use code Tami Reed

Sunglasses: Cynthia Bailey Noelle Eyewear

Dress: Fashion to Figure Cirrus Draped Maxi Dress

Purse: Gucci Soho Disco Bag c/o Bag Borrow or Steal

Shoes: Old

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