My Style: Natasha Mini Dress

Hello my lovelies! Stopped by to see my favorite grandson Legend over the weekend and we just played and laughed. He is such a joy and I love seeing the smile on his face. Its my little escape from all that is going on but surely he puts me in a great mood, each and every visit! Did you guys have a great weekend?

I hope so and I hope you are staying safe out there! I can’t believe we are all still cooped up in the house but I’m not complaining because some people aren’t as fortunate, I’m very grateful for so many things! This pretty floral print dress is from Show Me Your MuMu and I love the style of it, it put me in good spirits. This dress I picked out because it reminded me of a dress my mom used to wear when I was little.

Hers was navy blue with cherries on it with ruffles but it was a similar style. I actually called my mom and sent her this same image and she said, “yes it does remind me of that mini dress I would wear”. My mom used to also wear her long hair pulled back in a bun, too funny! More pics inside and where to find, stay safe.

Location: Duluth, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Me

Dress: Show Me Your MuMu Natasha Mini Dress

Photographer: Jasmine

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