My Style: Project Runway Winning ‘Lady In Red’ Dress

project runway dress

I have something pretty cool to share with you guys today! A few weeks back I was watching Project Runway Season 14, Episode 9 when I noticed that Fashion Designer Edmond Newton won the winning look for the JustFab Challenge! I was really watching to root for my girl Laurie but she didn’t win that one but Edmond who resides here in Atlanta, is another favorite of mine. On this particular episode, the designers had to create a “High Fashion” look that would be mass-produced and sold on the JustFab website. If you are a frequent viewer of the show, you probably know that this season JustFab is a show sponsor, providing all the designers accessories to complete the contestants looks. All their outfits for the challenge were to be inspired by JustFab Style personas like, Trendsetter, Girl Next Door, Modern Classic etc. 

Edmond was to create a JustFab design for a “Bombshell”. At first Edmond created a print dress with a one-shoulder, one sleeve look but quickly dismissed that idea lol. He then redesigned his design and created a “lady in red” dress that many women could wear in most sizes. He won this challenge, I was super excited, Yay!

Unfortunately he was sent home last night, so this post is kinda bitter sweet! I think he is very talented and I had the chance to meet and interview him a couple of years ago when he was just a jewelry designer. Well anyway, I put in an email to JustFab and they were so sweet to send me his actual dress to wear. I love the dress, I must say. Its super comfy but I just wish I was a bit taller like the model, she totally rocked it and its pretty low cut on the sides, so my bra was peaking out a bit but I still liked wearing it to a red carpet affair I attended. Thanks JustFab for sending, Enjoy the pics! xoxo


Edmond’s sketch

Project Runway

The actual dress on the runway

project runway dress

Project Runway dress now available exclusively at JustFab

project runway dress

Location: Bar Chix Duluth, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Me

Dress: JustFab Project Runway Dress

Purse: Nuciano Ophelia Handbag In Pebble Leather

Shoes: Zara(Old)

Photographer: Diesel & Project Runway



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