My Style: Reconstructed Trench Coat

my style

It was raining out last night so what was a fashionista to do? You think fast and decide to wear something simple and keep it moving! I was headed to a play here in Atlanta but when I looked on my weather app, it called for rain…sigh! I then immediately called my stylist Jon and asked him what should I wear? I was in the mall face timing him when I headed into H&M and we looked at a few options. I ran across a white tee shirt that I would have never picked up and Jon told me to grab it. I was a bit confused but ok whatever lol.

He said, “ok, bring me a pair of black pants and a black leather jacket and head down here”, click! I was on my way. I got to his house and he got to work. Now here is one time I wanted to open my mouth and complain that I was not comfortable in what he had picked out for me! I’m not a t-shirt kinda girl and I was not feeling the look at all. My body language and face was telling the story too. My idea of going to a play is to be a bit more dressed up. I’m showing my age now and can be stuck in my ways lol! See Jon is a bit younger than me, so ofcourse he was going to win this argument though! He looked at me and said, “Tami, let me do my job please”, lawd!

He played around with the t-shirt and put the jacket on me. My face was beginning to twist up but he kept playing around with my look. Then he said, “hmm, I wonder if I put you in a trench?” He went into his closet and pulled out a reconstructed designer trench coat that he had made a few years ago. I loved it and it fit my shape perfectly! I started to smile more but I still didn’t like that damn white t-shirt! He said it worked because it was simple, it was raining out and basically he was the stylist lol! When we arrived at the Fox Theater, we got out the uber and took a few pictures and I fell in love with my complete look! I trust Jon like no other now, I hope he doesn’t move anytime soon, ha! Enjoy more of the pics and where to find some of my pieces inside…

my style

The Makeup: Jon doesn’t like to make too much fuss over makeup! He thinks that it just needs to be simple, clean with a dramatic lip. Not all the time but most times lol. If it was left up to me, I would wear nude majority of the time lol. Jon really has fell in love with the M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade High Drama on me. I love it too!

The Hair: It was raining out, so Jon kept my hair very simple by just brushing it and putting it to one side. No need to do anything else since the weather was not that great lol.

my style

my style

Location: Fox Theater

Hair & Makeup: Jon The Stylist

Trench: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Coat

Purse: Gucci Hobo Bag(similiar)

Brooch: Chanel pin

Diamond Bracelet: Borrowed from Jon

Diamond Necklaces: Borrowed from Jon

Tee: H&M long tee

Pants: J.Crew pixie pants

Shoes: Leather Booties (Old)

Photographer: Jonathan Hamilton

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