My Surprise Birthday Brunch!

Hello guys, like I promised, I told yah that I would share my special day that took place yesterday afternoon with my daughter Tyra! She really got me this time around because she told me that she made reservations for a tea for me and her. I got to her house and there was a makeup artist waiting and I looked very confused. That’s when my sensors started to react and I was like, something is fishy and she is up to something!

Sure enough, we hopped in the car and we were off to a restaurant called, Local Three Kitchen & Bar that had a private room and all my friends were there! They yelled out “SURPRISE” and I was in total shock lol! I was also wondering why she told me to get really dressed up, but she knows that I love to get dolled up anyway, so my attire was pretty much something I would wear anyway lol.

A lot of my close friends were in attendance, some were out of town but we still had a great time! Tyra gifted me with a pair of fancy hot pink sexy Louboutin heels and a new Louis Vuitton handbag that I was eyeing awhile back! My friends gave me special keepsakes as well, it was so nice and relaxing just chatting and spending time with each other. Thanks to everyone that came out! Enjoy the snaps and check back tomorrow for my birthday picnic that I’m having, the photos will be fabulous! On my instagram page @talkingwithtami you can see a TikTok video that I made too! Love you guys and thanks for stopping by!

Strawberry Cake By Apple Butter Bakery

Friend Ramona

LOVE these hot pink patent leatherĀ Christian Louboutins called, Hot Chick!

In love with this Speedy Bandouliere 35 handbag by Louis Vuitton

Tyra gave me a whole bunch of singles to make it rain… lawd!

Friend and fashion designer Cleah

My son-in-law Markeefe

Thanks Dootie for a beautiful day, love yah!

My event planner and dear friend Gail!

The crew!

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