My Voiceover Experience At Disney Studios Plus Me As Fru Fru From ‘Zootopia’!


Have you ever wanted to know what it was really like to do voiceover work? Or how it all comes together for working with actors in an animated film? I got to experience that first hand while out in Los Angeles with Disney a few weeks back! I got to step inside a sound proof recording booth and do a fun voiceover from the movie Zootopia! Paul McGrath (Dialogue Mixer) at Walt Disney Animation Studios was my right hand man and he showed us what it takes to be a great voiceover actor.

I did my takes about 100 times and found out quickly that my right brain does not work well with what was on screen and what I was reading in front of me lol! So they had to shut down the visuals and I just read from the script, then it turned out fine. See, I learn something different about myself all the time. After a few takes, I finally got it right and they told me that I already had a squeaky voice, so with a bit of training, I could very well be a great voiceover actor, ha! It was quite the experience and the video of me doing the voiceover of the character “Fru Fru” from the movie Zootopia is inside, check it out! 


In the recording booth


Paul (seated) working the mixers


Check out my voiceover work as ‘Fru Fru’ from Zootopia!


Zootopia is available out on BluRay + DVD Now! 


Images via Disney/Me

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