My water babies

Ever since I can remember, my kids loved water. I use to have to yell at them to get out the tub or shower lol. I got my kids swimming lessons early in their lives because there has always been this stereotype about black people not knowing how to swim lol. I took swim lessons in high school and so did my husband. We all love the water. When our kids came along my husband and I agreed to get the kids swim lessons. After the swim lessons, our kids have lived at the pool from sun up till sun down.


Pootie and Dootie(their going to kill me tee hee)

I watch my kids play at the beach and pool and they seem to be at peace. They get along, there is no bickering our arguing and they play well together(maybe I need to install a pool in my house lol). I dont know but they really love being on beaches too. Over the weekend we had a chance to take a mini vacay down to Jacksonville Beach, Florida and my kids absolutely loved it!


They played in the sand,watched people fish, and gathered seashells along the shore. We really have water babies and I’m glad we introduced them to the water. I just sat back and let them play and explore and learn. If I wasn’t so afraid of Tsunamis or hurricanes I would love to build a house right by the ocean. That would be so wonderful…Sigh. Well, until then take a look at these pics. The kids said to me, “thank you mommy, we had so much fun, the beach is fierce!”


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