Tarina Tarantino’s trunk show!


Tarina Tarantino

Over the weekend I traveled to Jacksonville Beach,Fl to see one of my fav chicas! Yes, I got to meet Tarina Tarantino in person can you believe it? OMG, I had a blast! I’ve been a fan of hers for several months now and I find her creativity to be so Pinktabulous! Her trunk show was held at It’s Eclectic, owned by Theresa Kloko. The theme was, The Wizard of Oz and Tarina told me that she was approached by Warner Bros. for the remake of the movie. Thats what inspired her for her new collection.


It’s Eclectic store owner Theresa Kloko and friend

It was hundreds of people that came out to see her and her new pieces. The jewel pieces and accesories were to die for! Fans wore all their sparkly pieces and I even wore my Barbie necklace that she personally sent me. It was so nice to be in the same room where women have the same likeness, Pink and Sparkles, Fun!


Tarina said she chose Jacksonville Beach,Fla to come to because there is alot of sells there and she is very popular in this area. The store owner Theresa said she cant keep her things in stock.


I also got to meet Alphonso, which is Tarinas hubby! He was so fun and reminds me of my hubby. When I’m out doing promos my hubby is right there taking pictures and videotaping for me. You can tell he really loves her and that he is happy for her success. Nothing like having a great support team. Alphonso told me he sold his car, so that Tarina could fill her first order, Awh thats love!


If you are not familiar with Tarina’s accessory line and more please take a look at it, you will love it. She also has a new book/catalog out called, My Pretty that has her latest creations. The pics are awesome and Kelly Osbourne, Debi Mazar, Larvar X, Chole and Olivia Campos and Holly Owens are featured in the book!


I would like to thank Tarina  for taking the time to interview with me,take pics and sign autographed copies of my books, and my Tarina Tarantino Barbie! Thank you soo much you are a doll! Actually she stayed a long time to sign every autograph and take pics with all her fans. That a true professional and we love her for that! I had a Pinktastic time and cant wait to her next big party in January, she said she is unveiling something huge, I will be there to see!…Woot!





www.tarinatarantino.com www.itseclectic.net

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