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So as some of you may know, I was whisked off by Disney to Los Angeles for a four-day press junket and boy did I have a blast! I got to meet so many people and experience some amazing things! On day one we were off to ABC Studios where we got a chance to visit the set of Mystery Girls! This was right up my alley because it was so girly and the set is full of pinkness, I was in heaven!  I got a chance to dress up in the clothing in the wardrobe department, play around on set, meet the directors and producers and the best part of it all was meeting the actors who star in this fun sitcom! Tori Spelling, Jenny Garth and Miguel Pinzon! Check out all the fun pics inside and our interviews with them! 

Set visit….


Hello, thank you for calling Mystery Girls lol!


In the wardrobe department, yes mam!

photo 2

Me and Miguel cutting up on set lol!



Interview with Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth….


How did you come up with the idea for the Mystery Girls?

Tori : I had done a Christmas movie for ABC Family and I knew they were looking for comedies and I used to be a huge fan of mysteries in the eighties and my dad’s shows and I loved Remington Steele and I just wanted to pair that with comedy. And that’s where it came from.

What’s it like to work together?

Jenny: We have fun. We have so much fun and it’s just really easy. You know we know each other very well so there’s, we’re past all the, the awkward getting to know each other and we kind of know e-each other’s ups and downs, when we need space, when we-, you know need comforting and it’s like what we-, we’re very familiar with each other already so. And we already have that built in chemistry too as actresses so.

How do you manage your schedule with your children?

Tori: It’s definitely a change of pace. And it’s the first time I’m acting away from them full time. So it’s been different. But luckily they can come to set and Jennie takes them to set and they play together, so we say we have like a job and a daycare at the same time.

What’s been your favorite episode so far?

Jenny: For me, it was the last one. What was that one?  ‘Cause I only know that because there were, um-, how do you say this right? Are they retirement homes? [WHISPERING] Elderly people in it? [LAUGHS] And I love-, I love them. I just-, we had an, like an old retirement home set and I just loved it. Some of the greatest people.

Tori: And we did fashion episode! Recently. And RuPaul guest starred as the fashion designer and we go undercover to help him solve-, his bag goes missing. And he’s got this debut at his runway show.

(My Question) Were you able to bring your own hair & makeup and stylists to set or did ABC have their own people? 

Tori: No but we were able to work with makeup and hair that we’ve worked with before. We definitely had a say in our wardrobe and what-, I mean I feel like the whole look of the show, you know, we have a specific vision and we wanted-, the office obviously has very bright colors and the show is a very fun poppy show, and we wanted the wardrobe to kind of mirror that. So visually it was kind of an eye candy culture.

Interview with Miguel…


So how did you get involved in the show? 

I was in San Francisco doing a job, not an acting job. Those jobs you sort of take to like make the acting jobs work and my agent sent me the info like can you please put yourself on tape and I was like oh, man like I really can’t. Like I’m doing 10 million things at once. I think like this is just one that I’m going to like let go. And he’s like please, please, please just do it. And I was like okay. And I scrambled and put it on tape and let it go as one usually does.

And then like about two weeks later got a call like the producers want to see you. Oh my god you’re kidding. And then I kept presuming it would sort of stopped there. Like oh, cool. And then it just sort of happened, which was amazing. And then I’m a big fan of like sort of like fortuitous circumstances and like that everything is a guidepost if you’re looking for them. Did you happen to see the pilot?

So, my character Nick is new to LA and the first thing he does is he gets on like the Hollywood tour bus and he stops to take a picture of Katy Perry’s mailbox and like witnesses a murder and that’s what like directly puts them in like the girls line. And when I found out that I got the job I was at my partner’s house and they called to tell me I had the job. And then a Hollywood tour bus went by like literally. And he stopped the bus and he was like come here. Come here. Come here. And I was like no no no what are you doing. I thought he was going to be just like me — do something embarrassing.

But then after I hung up he pointed out like you have no idea like how cosmic this all is. He’s like that happens in your script and he liked you know whose house that is right there? And above his house is Katy Perry’s house and I was like wait, you’re kidding me? Just one of those really fantastically parallel moments.

How is it working with that hunky detective?

Ryan McPartlin is an absolute sweetheart, so professional. At the same time I get to be paid to feel him up occasionally. You know, to be paid and play is fantastic. And he also did this show with Fran Drescher and he’s got great Fran Drescher stories. I mean I’m in heaven.

(My Question) What do you suggest for up-and-coming actors when they move to Hollywood?

First I would say like just make sure they’re in all sorts of classes and anything they can get their hands on to just make their gifts, their natural abilities as sharp as they can. Training. And then specificity. Like target, like looking at television and movies and seeing where they think they see themselves, people that are similar to them. And like they’re targeting like oh, I see myself like on Vampire Diaries, or whatever it is.

And then all right, well who’s the director on that? Who is the casting director? Who, like the talent on that show, who are their agents? And then target them and whether it’s a blank submission or like sending a cover letter and they’re reel. Or whether it’s like LA has these funny things where you can pay to meet casting directors and agents and managers which I think is you know, you measure–.

I think it’s when you target specifically what you want that helps. Like if you say like oh, the casting director for Vampire Diaries is teaching a class, then take that class.

Yeah, be specific about what you want because like just a shot in the dark is a shot in the dark. So those are two. And the third one–. Pray? I don’t know. Maybe that should be one.

What do you think about your wardrobe for the show?

It’s wild. The color palette of the show is so vibrant as are the characters and the show is not about subtlety. So the wardrobe mimics that. It’s playful. It’s bright. Nick is very thematic. Like if he were to be going to like a murder mystery party he be wearing like a smoking jacket and like a mascot and like maybe have a prop pipe because like he really loves like playing the idea.

Like I think he’s so, he’s an Aires, and he’s so fantasy-based. Like any time like he can actually I think like play into the world is living. So let wardrobe wise like it’s always, like it’s always like on the nose, yeah.

What is your favorite thing about your character?

His authenticity, his lack of filter, his I think reaction to living in a world where no one’s telling him that he’s any different so he’s just who he is and there’s no apologies. They’re sort of reflection on like oh, I should really been. He’s a thing has come from like a place of being celebrated and like just supportive. So I think just being able to be completely 100% authentic him is I think one of my favorite things about him.


Sidenote: “Tune in at 8:30pm ET/PT on ABC Family”Joe E. Tata (“Nat of “Beverly Hills, 90210”) will guest star on Wednesday’s (7/23) episode

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