WHY You Need To Invest In Shapewear, No Matter What Size You Are!

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I will be the first to shout to the heavens that I wear body shapers! When you become a women of a certain age like myself and things start to head south of the border, I really and truly believe that you need to invest in a few good shapers! I have birthed two kids into this world and they both came by c-section. So I had two surgeries on my stomach and I also have the beginning stages of fibroids, which I found out about at the end of last year. Sigh! These incidents have left me with having a permanent “poof” or “tummy bulge” but its not horrible but noticeable I would like to say. Do I like it? No, I don’t but I’m too lazy to do sit-ups or head to the gym lol. But I do my best to smooth out my tummy area though because as I get older, it seems to get bigger.  I’m not that vain yet to go under the knife either lol. So Spanx has saved the day for me in more ways than one! I have seen so many women from all walks of life strut around looking a complete hot mess! I want to give them all the “church tap” so bad and ask them, “hey have you ever heard of shape wear?” 

I want to stand in downtown Atlanta and hand out cards to passerby’s with a discount code from Spanx and educate these ladies on how shapers can make their outfits look so much better but hey Spanx ain’t trying to cut me a check for doing this service so…sigh! All those bulges and butt jiggles are not cute either ladies while some men might find it somewhat attractive, its really not becoming at all! Please, I beg of you to invest in a body shaper! They have them for all budgets and many designs. I have about 15 pairs of them. When one wears out, I grab another one lol! Even if you are small, you need one. They just make your total appearance look so much neater in a pretty gown, dress or whatever you are wearing. I hear ladies whine all the time that they are uncomfortable and they are hot but I’d rather be both than to end up on a blog like mine looking like this lady in red in the picture above(far left) that’s going viral on social media! I didn’t notice how she looked because we were all so busy posing for the picture but once I uploaded it to instagram, geesh! The other ladies looked nice and it was the only pic I had time to take, so…..bloop! Till next time! xoxo

Update: There is more to the story and you will have to watch the new season of Married To Medicine to see why! I can’t talk about it too much more but I didnt call her out she was prancing around the room thinking she looked good and she chose that outfit to wear. I just said what everyone in the room was thinking and whispering! Wait till you see this episode on Bravo and what she did during the fashion show! There is always two sides to a story.

Here are few sites where you can buy a good body shaper!

Spanx Shapewear

Ashley Stewart Shapewear

Lane Bryant Shapewear 

Target Shapewear 

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6 thoughts on “WHY You Need To Invest In Shapewear, No Matter What Size You Are!

  1. I agree, good shapewear is so important. And yes, even slim women can appear to have an unsightly bulge in photos (I’ve seen Porsha with a bulge in certain pics), so it’s nice to just wear it to smooth things out.

    Is that Dr. Heavenly in that pic? Poor thing. 🙁 I know she is really regretting her choice not to wear shapewear (or better shapewear) that night.

  2. Wait till you see the show, OMG she is a mess and interrupted the fashion show! She is a piece of work! I just posted what everyone was saying at the event!

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