NeNe Leakes Sits Down With Tv Producer Carlos King To Spill All The Tea!

Reaity Diva and former Atlanta Housewife, NeNe Leakes sat down with Reality King/Carlos King on his podcast to talk all things “reality tv” and more! The interview was no hold bar! She talked about her first check for season 1 with Bravo being $10,000 and getting $5,000 for the reunion show. She chatted about the original cast and who she thought was good for the show and who wasn’t. She left no crumbs on the table with her opinions either!

I was gagging when I found out that NeNe earned only 10k for S1, $5,000 for the reunion Season 2, approximately 50K for season 3m the girls (She, Kim & Shereé) retained an attorney and earned $100-150k and the “real money” didn’t start coming in until Season 4, wow! 

NeNe has been in the headlines lately concerning her son’s Bryce arrest for drug charges. He was pulled over in Atlanta and had Fentanyl in his car in clear sight, oh my gosh! Her interview will be a two-part series that airs today and part 2 will air on August 1st. And I have the first episode inside….

NeNe said in another interview that her son has always had drug problems. I feel bad for him but he is over 30-years-old and old enough to make his own decisions. Some people feel as though it’s her fault but I totally disagree because you can put your kids in great schools, thriving environments and they will just one day decide to do what the hell they want to do, which is not always so wise! Its very heartbreaking and disappointing to see our youth take terrible paths! Say a prayer for her.

Carlos asked her has she watched any seasons of the Atlanta Housewives since her departure and she said no but she has seen clips that have come down her social media feeds. She stated that she feels as though she built the house they are in and it’s tumbling down!


Images via Freddy O

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