New Edition Reveal Plans For A Potential Las Vegas Residency

Today, Sherri Shepherd sat down with the legendary R&B group New Edition to celebrate their exciting 40th anniversary tour and they perform one of their hit songs! During their conversation, Sherri addressed past rumors about dating Johnny Gill, saying she made one joke and the next day everyone thought they were dating! The iconic group also shared plans on a potential Las Vegas residency. Full clip and quotes below. We’d love to be considered for coverage. More inside and video clip….

Sherri on Johnny Gill Dating Rumors:

Sherri: There’s one rumor that I need to clear up … were we ever dating, Johnny?

Johnny Gill: [Joking to Sherri] … you don’t remember that night!?

Sherri: I made one joke about seeing your tour bus and the next day it was like Sherri and Johnny Gill [Sherri is referring to the stories that insinuated that Johnny Gill and Sherri were secretly dating].

New Edition on a possible Last Vegas Residency:

Sherri: Wouldn’t you all like to do a residency in Las Vegas? 

Ralph Tresvant: We’ve talked about it throughout the years, and we’ve had offers to do it. But you know, when we’ve always gone  to the Last Vegas shows they were big. The sets were big, they were elaborate. And it just seemed like there was a lot of time, effort and money put behind whoever the artist was that was up there. So they could really showcase themselves in a way that they can’t do it on the road. So, for New Edition, it’s the same thing. Some of the offers just haven’t been at that level yet … where we are like, why can’t we do it like we’ve seen the other artists do it? So we’re waiting for it to come together and we can do it right and give our fans something special.

Johnny Gill: When you think about Vegas … we just want to give the best display of who we are.

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