New Look: Purple Long Bob By Tyra In The City

Although I am not going anywhere special or no time soon, getting your hair done gives you just that bit of confidence you need. Especially when you are feeling down or secluded. I have been in the house since all this corona stuff has happened and doing my hair at home. My daughter Tyra reached out to me saying that I was due for a new hairdo and trimming so I headed to her suite for a lil me time. She then surprised me and said she was adding me some color because I needed it and I had no say so in the matter lol. I just sit and listen and scroll my phone and when she pulled out some purple hair, I was indeed a lil shocked but liked it and wanted to try something new anyway.

It’s temporary and this is called a quick weave long bob, so it will last me for about two weeks then I can shampoo it all out and return to my natural boring hair that I either pull up in a bun or wear in a ponytail, I am so boring when it comes to my hair geesh lol. I’m so blessed to have a daughter that is one of the top stylist in Atlanta, it makes my life a lil simpler, now if I could just get a standing appointment I will be in business lol. I have to fit in where I get in with her, since she is always booked and blessed as she says! More pics inside, enjoy your day and stay safe!

Wearing Urban Decay Moonlight Collection


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