The Real From Home: That Time Adrienne Didn’t Wear Pants To Do The Show From Home! And Kandi Burruss Drop In From Home!

On Wednesday, April 29, on The Real From Home, each co-host brings Girl Chat from her home, during the current pandemic.

The ladies discuss their wardrobe secrets during this time that they’re working from home. Co-host Amanda Seales says the struggle is real, since she’s quarantined at her mother’s house, and co-host Adrienne Houghton reveals that at some point, she has done the show without even wearing pants!

What is the best way to end a phone call now that you can’t excuse yourself to go somewhere? The hosts share some creative ideas.

Kandi Burruss visits from her home to discuss The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has also has a lot to say about the recent social media drama with costar NeNe Leakes!

Matthew Morrison also drops in from home to talk about his new album, Disney Dreamin’ with Matthew Morrison. He gives a huge shoutout to his wife, Renee during this difficult time and discusses how much he’s enjoying the chance tap into his inner child.

And The Real reaches out to help Estella Sasquisili in Brooklyn, NY, who just got her own apartment with her 14-month-old son, but the company she works for is shut down now due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and she’s worried about the rent.

The Hosts’ Wardrobe Secrets While Working From Home and That Time Adrienne Wasn’t Wearing Pants!

Adrienne Houghton: Whatever you can do to efficiently do you your work and still be comfortable, and mentally stable, while getting through this, I say do that. And I don’t think we should judge on either side. If I choose to put on a full beat, and straighten my hair, and do all of that – don’t judge me for that, and be asking where she thinks she going, and I will not judge you if you want to be in your panties doing a conference call – I really don’t care!

Amanda Seales: You also don’t even know people’s situation. You know what I mean? Like, y’all for instance – y’all are at home. I’m at my mama house. My wardrobe here essentially looks like an ex-WNBA coach. Like, that’s typically what my wardrobe here looks like – basketball shorts and tank tops. So I’m having to like, scrape and scrap, and put things together…

Adrienne: Can I ask a question?

Amanda: Yes.

Adrienne: Have you worn any of your mom’s pieces? Are you going through her closet, because you’re like, “I need things.”

Amanda: I had to wear one of her shirts the other day, and it’s like I’m swimming in it, because she likes, you know, big things.

Adrienne: I’m just putting this out there, I’ve absolutely done this show with no pants on at some point. Just saying. You only saw from here up, and that’s all that matters!

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