New Reality Show: Celebrity Mamas Of Atlanta….What?

Celebrity mamas of atlanta

I just took a long deep breathe….if this is true, I’m running for the hills because this is just plain foolery right here! Chile, they are allegedly coming out with ANOTHER reality show based here in Atlanta! This time around its called, “Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta”. Gulp! Why in the world would you name the show that for one and two who are these people? I am up in age as well, I get it, but I don’t look my age either but I will be damn if I try out for a reality show riding the coat tails of my kid! Smh!

These tv producers must have a lot of time on their hands and need something to do! Most of the mamas of these celebrity offsprings aren’t really all that popular either. So who sat in a board meeting and green lighted this project? I still have not got an official press release on this show because my thoughts are that they are still shopping this mess around and do not have a tv network yet. If they did, the network would be promoting the heck out of it and bugging me to post lol. To make matters worse, they had a kick off/red carpet event a few days ago…really? Don’t know who attended or what not but you already know I was not going lol! Chile, inside you can see who is supposed to be apart of the cast. My head hurt! Let me go pick up Dootie from beauty school, my nerves are shot to hell now…LOL! 


celebrity mamas of atlanta

Violet Morgan (Rapper T.I.’s Mom)

Diane Cottle(Singer & Reality Star Tiny’s Mom)

Joyce Burruss(Singer & Reality Star Kandi Burruss’ Mom)

Brenda Johnson(Singer & Reality Star Syleena Johnson’s Mom)

Frances Wellington(Singer J Holiday’s Mom)

Shirleen Harvell(Reality Star & Rapper Rasheeda Frost’s Mom)

Shauna Marie Campbell(Rapper K Camp’s Mom)

Morenika Vinnie(Rapper Cash Out’s Mom) Blue Hairdo

Lorna Wyatt(Singer & Reality Star KeKe Wyatt’s Mom).

The show will allow us to see how these women are making moves in the communities, their charities, their personal lives and interactions with their famous off-springs. We will see not sugar coat their heartaches, laughter, drama and mentoring to others.



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