New Show: Netflix’s Street Food Latin America

From the creators of Chef’s Table, Street Food Latin America explores the rich culture of street food in some of the world’s most colorful cities. These six episodes explore countries across Latin America including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia, highlighting the stories of perseverance that bring each country’s cuisine and culture to life. Check out the trailer inside…


Quote from Brian McGinn, Executive Producer, Street Food:
“Street food vendors are an integral part of a country’s culture – they bring to life the richness of their home cities, preserving traditions while bringing joy to the people and communities around them. During this unprecedented time, vendors are facing challenges like never before with temporary closings, uncertain futures and fear of what’s to come. We hope that by sharing their stories and celebrating their work, fans around the globe will see the immeasurable value these inspiring and integral people bring to the communities they serve. Perseverance is in their blood, and we are confident they’ll overcome the obstacles of today. We hope that after watching Street Food, our viewers will consider supporting street food vendors in their own communities so that we can continue to enjoy the incredible culinary traditions that these men and women preserve every day.”

Street Food Latin America shines a light on local legends. The six-episode series chronicles the perseverance and humility of each cities’ celebrated street food heroes.

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