New Year, New Hair Color

So yeah, I was minding my own business at home when my daughter Dootie came in my room saying, “Mom, it’s a new year, so it’s time for a new look and color!” I was like “oh, ok well I am still loving this last look you gave me”. She just kinda rolled her eyes at me and walked out and mumbled that she was making me a hair appointment and to meet her at the salon! Yep, that is pretty much how it works around here, my daughter tells me when and what I will be getting as far as new hairdos and that’s, that lol. Hey, I ain’t complaining though! 

So I met her up at the salon a few days ago and she had already custom colored hair for me. Of course when you are mom and not paying, I have to be worked in between her paying customers but I didn’t mind hanging out with her for a few hours. I just worked on my laptop and chatted with the other ladies in the salon. I went back to a longer length and I’m wearing Sif hair extensions that I’ve had for about a year now. If you wash and condition the hair plus store your extensions properly, they should last you for quite awhile. I’m wearing 3 bundles of Wavy Virgin Remy hair. Tyra also layered my hair and the color is custom. If you are looking for a licensed professional hairstylist in the Atlanta area, you should give her a try, till next time! xoxo

Pressed Bar Salon

57 Hurricane Shoals Rd suite H

Lawrenceville, Ga


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