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Not too many people can say that they interviewed a Prince but I did that very thing out in Hollywood when I was there to check out the film Cinderella! The next day after the red carpet premiere, we were invited to interview some of the characters from the film and the dreamy Prince Charming himself was there waiting for us with those gorgeous blue eyes! Yes, thats right folks actor Richard Madden spent a few minutes with us! Read what he had to say about playing the role of a Prince, his favorite scene to shoot in the movie, his not so favorite scene and plenty more! Oh just a tidbit of information, Cinderella opened this weekend at #1 and made over $70 million dollars! What are you waiting for, get to the theater to see it! LOL!  xoxo

So how did you get involved in the process of playing a Prince?
Richard: I wanted to make him different. In the animation you only see him in 2 or 3 scenes and there’s this kind of old fashioned view I think of you know a woman needing a man to come and rescue her from a terrible life and that’s kind of outdated enough.

Not a message I think we should be telling young girls and in this version it’s not the message, which is great. You’ve got a, a young man with all of his own problems and a young woman with hers and actually they, they bring the best out of each other. I think she rescues him as much as he rescues her and that’s why I was really interested in this, in this version. We got to kind of see this real young man character and most importantly you know Cinderella’s this wonderful amazing woman. I wanted to make a man that was worthy of her affections.

What did you learn about yourself by playing this role?
Richard: I kinda’ liked it to try and– I mean I played characters like Robb Stark star and like the Prince. They have such strong moral compasses. You know they’re really good people and I kind of like ta’– uh it’s refreshing and it kinda’ reminds me how to, to be sometimes because you know you’re playing these people and, and they have really good hearts. So you know it’s like you know better now that you’ve played someone like that.

And especially with like Lily and you know her– she had such a job on this you know. She had the weight of the movie on her shoulders and she’s a young Actress and it’s a massive piece. And that genuineness you couldn’t because she does it like kill everything with kindness and she’s genuine and loving and, and caring. And that’s kind of something that you try and take away from the film every day. You kind of go, “You know let’s find the best in this situation and let’s, let’s be as nice as we can.”

richard madden

Favorite scene in the movie?

Richard: The first scene that I show up with Lil which is us on horseback when we first meet in the woods. I kind of like being outside and being on a horse. It’s more fun than being in the studio most of the time. But it’s just like you know that was our first day on set. That was the first day of shooting. That was the first time with Lily.

So you kind of have all of that going on on top of us kind of trying to play that scene. And I love what Ken wanted to do that, these 2 huge beasts. They were both trying to control and their feelings, and this kind of dance that they do on the horses.


How hard was it to learn the dance scene? 

Richard: It was miserable. I’m not a naturally gifted dancer. Uh so I had to kind of train for like 2 or 3 months to like 3 or 4 times a week to get myself up to scratch so that, I mean there was 2 months before they let me near Lily’s dress and because I would just destroy it. I went through like 2 practice dresses that looked like a bunch of cats have destroyed them.

But yeah I wanted to make sure the, I think the Prince would enjoy dancing. So I wanted to make it look as if he was enjoying it and also that I could just act with Lily and not be thinking about what I’m doing with my feet.


We talked a lot about Cinderella’s outfits during the movie, but yours were also pretty interesting and, and intricate in many ways. What was your thought process when you were first introduced to some of the outfits you had to wear? Because they’re not something you usually wear.

Richard: No, they’re not and they’re lots of leggings. Well it was a really good actually. I love Sandy Powell who designed these amazing costumes. And when I first met with her I was really keen to make sure that the Prince retained a masculinity with these costumes because a lot of times in these Disney films they would not be very masculine & they’re really decadent and extravagant, but actually Sandy wanted that too and you know they are beautiful and detailed and gorgeous, but also they’re all rigid in practicality. All of them. I mean the boots I’m wearing are great for riding.

You know the tight pants have a stretch in them, which is great for being on a horse. You know the jacket sets in a way that’s perfect for being on a horse and how it comes down. So they’re rooted in a practicality. I mean when I first saw the ballroom outfit uh and I walk in and it’s like white with silver and sequins and glitter, I’m like, “Sandy we talked about the masculinity.” We agreed on something and that’s just not it. But actually once you put it on it does make me feel regal.

And you know you put them into the sets and with all the other characters and it doesn’t feel out of place. You know when you’re in a little studio room you know trying on these costumes you’re like, “How am I gonna’ pull this off?” And then you kinda’ get on the set and suddenly it feels completely natural. It’s actually empowering.



Cinderella is in theaters now!


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