OWN June Ambrose, Angelica Ross And Deborah Cox, Girlfriends Check In

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose invites girlfriends Deborah Cox, Angelica Ross & Vanessa Spencer to chat it up about all things fashion, beauty and activism. A one-minute glam makeover and a lesson on how to vogue make it a night of culture and fun!


Celebrity stylist June Ambrose and her girlfriends R&B songstress Deborah Cox, actress Angelica Ross, and casting director Vanessa Spencer have a girlfriend’s chat that takes us from the living room to the closet to the garden. Their enthusiasm is contagious and sisterhood is front and center with this fierce foursome. June shares some of her creative fashion tips and the ladies are intrigued at her bold take on mixing patterns. While Deborah shows off her hair braiding skills on her teenage daughter, Vanessa shows us her unique skill with her toes. These fashionistas take us into their closets and Angelica shows us how a big scarf and big hoop earrings can give you an instant makeover and elevate any look. June has started a new hobby and takes us to her garden 30 floors up in Manhattan, while Deborah takes us on a tour of her lush backyard. Plus, find out which one of the ladies dated a man 40 years her senior. The ladies top off the show with their voguing skills taught by none other than Angelica. It’s a night full of fun and fashion and there’s absolutely no holding back on this episode of Girlfriends Check In!

Good girlfriends can get you through anything in life⁠—especially during quarantine. With the help of a little tech and a lotof sisterhood, each week a group of four female celebrity friends hold a virtual chat room check in where anything can happen.

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