Peek Inside: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Reality Star Rasheeda’s ‘Pressed’ Boutique

rasheedas boutique

Yesterday afternoon I was doing a bit of shopping because I’m leaving for Los Angeles for the BET Awards. I was with my friend and stylist Julian Lark and we headed to Phipps Plaza to see what they had. I then remembered that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reality Star Rasheeda had just opened her new store Pressed and I wanted to check it out! She had a grand opening event last weekend but I didn’t attend, I knew it was going to be mad crazy and wanted the hype to die down before I got a chance to browse the store and interview her. So we entered the very posh looking store and I must say, I was totally impressed! 

rasheeda boutique pressed

I really was not expecting to see Rasheeda actually in the store because I know she is very busy with the tv show but to my surprise she was actually there working, helping customers, ringing and greeting people lol. Her husband Kirk and mom Shirleen was there too giving a helping hand. The store had lots of shoppers and in between cashing out customers, she posed for a few quick selfies.

After the line went down a bit Rasheeda made her way over to me to chat about her store and vision. I first said, “I was not expecting you to actually be here, she said, oh yes you need to be, to handle your business”. She told me that she had an online store I’m Bossy for three years and her customers kept asking her when was she going to open an actual store. She said that she has always loved fashion and her own personal style is a bit edgy and she really loves it!

Her price point is from $18 to about $500 and that would be for her leather pieces that I spied. A dress is about $135 and a top I picked up was about $50. Not too bad but the rent is NOT cheap at Phipps Plaza either, so hey! She carries sizes XS to XL. I saw shoes, boots, her makeup line Poiz, dresses, tops, bottoms, two piece sets and her best selling item jeans. She stated that she can’t keep denim in the store.

She is currently restocking the store because she has been overwhelmed with customers buying everything off the racks but she assured me that in about two weeks the store will be fully replenished. She plans on doing a few fashion shows later on. Then I asked her how she came up with the name of her boutique. She said, on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta some of the girls can be so catty and “pressed” so thats how she came up with the name lol. It was either that or Impressed but she decided to take the I-m off.  She was very sweet to chat with and I appreciate her for taking the time to talk with me. Check out a few Iphone snaps I got. I bought some makeup for my daughter and she had a high low skirt in pink that I wanted but not in my size but I really liked her store! Good luck to Rasheeda with her new business venture. Always dream big guys! xoxo

rasheedas boutique


rasheedas boutique

rasheedas boutique

rasheedas boutique

rasheedas boutique

rasheedas boutiqueIMG_1984IMG_1991IMG_1979

rasheeda boutique

Rasheeda holding one of her favorite dresses in the store

rasheedas boutique

I loved these boots, last pair sigh!!!

rasheedas boutique

rasheedas boutique


Phipps Plaza

3500 Peachtree Rd NE

Atlanta, Ga 30326




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5 thoughts on “Peek Inside: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Reality Star Rasheeda’s ‘Pressed’ Boutique

  1. Good luck to Rasheeda I really mean that! However, between pressed, garb, tags etc.,I just dont know. I feel these “celebrities” are all doing the same thing. There has to be another kind of venture out there but being a supporter of black business I will visit and see if it offers anything different.

  2. @Kimmy you are so right. A few years ago it seemed that every reality star had a lip gloss or hair line. Like it was in the contract. Now it’s a fashion store. I am not mad at them. They are trying to capitalize off of their fame. They know what their fans want.

    I don’t watch her show. But the store is cute. Specifically I love the mirror with the mirrored blocks and he light fixtures. It’s so nice.

    I wish her well.

    Tammy your dress and shoes are very cute and you look comfortable.

  3. I shutter to think what the rent is in Phipps for her store! But good luck to her for setting up in there. I wish her success and longevity. love her style and will plan to visit there. I don’t watch the show either because it seems like trash to me. But she does have to be careful that her (and her husband’s) protrayal does not tarnish her business.

  4. Wishing her much success! I agree that the celebs all seem to have clothing stores,clothing lines, makeup and hair lines. Several also toggle in the restaurant business. Not much originality or diversification in ventures but again,I wish them all much success.

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