People And Things I Want To Go Away By 2014!


We must admit that with the internet, pop culture, reality shows, cell phone cameras and social media, things have gotten way out of control! Nothing like looking at ratchet photos and watching people videotaping themselves in some very odd and unusual ways and let’s not forget folks following dumb and fugly makeup & style trends that they think are cute! Everybody and their mama is a instagram star now lol. Come inside and check out what I want to go away before 2014! It’s quite entertaining! 


Sharkeishas all over the world trying to get 2 mins of fame with dumb fighting videos, trying to get street credit! Really?


Vine celebrities who don’t have NO real talent whatsoever! Terio go to school!


Dummies sending in their whack videos to World Star Hip Hop and shouting them out, when the owner of the site doesn’t give you a dime and vacationing all over the world from the hits on his site from “your” dumb videos!


Celebrities getting divorced and engaged within the same darn year or less! Let’s say rebound!


People showing their TRUE colors on social media, go back into hiding please! Smh!


Dumb & Delusional wives/fiancés that have NO clue of husband/fiancé’s doings!


Girls on Instagram thinking they are Celebrity Stylists with NO clients, No range in style, No nothing just likes!


Ladies overdoing their eyebrows, walking around looking like clowns!


Anybody with a flat behind “Twerking” and you have nothing to twerk! Bye! I blame Miley Cyrus!


Girls on Instagram/Tumblr flossing like they are buying all those luxury items, don’t believe the hype!


People still trying to get butt implants and they look horrendous, sit down!


Reality shows that make no sense! Plus we are over the luxury vehicles, big houses, designer outfits, no real story line! Chile bye!


EVERY reality star and their mama getting a makeup line! Go away please! Stop it!


Loud and outlandish looking lipstick shades! It’s not trendy anymore! Bye!


Girls wearing black leggings with cropped tops that do NOT cover their behind, just walk around naked why don’t you!


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