Pink Spotlight: One On One With Actress & Reality Star Lisa Wu

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As some of you may be aware of who are avid readers of the blog, Actress and Realty Star Lisa Wu and I have been friends for a long time. I met Lisa about 7 years ago when they had just launched their very first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you do not know the backstory, we met on the red carpet years ago and she would always try to find somewhere to put her purse while walking the carpet and taking pics. I would tell her to leave it with me and that it was in good hands…she trusted me that much and we have been friends ever since! I try not to overwhelm you guys with pics and blogs all the time with us and our friendship but this beauty right here is very genuine, humble, down to earth, funny and extremely passionate and caring about her family! I have learned so much over the years about Lisa, her family and just about the entertainment business in general. We have traveled together, laughed, cried, partied and done so many memorable things, I don’t know where to start.

She now has a few books coming out, the first one is called, Sydney Adventures. It’s a selection of fun children’s books and then she will launch Evolve which is a self-help book, both come out in a few weeks! You can also catch her this week on Kiss 104 FM from 10-3pm for “Lisa Wu Wednesday” where she will take over the radio waves and be a guest dj and take questions from callers! I will be there too to keep up the energy and chime in time to time! 


Lisa was a fan favorite on Atlanta Housewives and now she is back with vengeance on a new hit docu-series called, Hollywood Divas! The show is quite different and it has so many twists and turns to it, that it will really have you engaged, you have to watch! All the ladies lives are so different and have taken many different paths to get where they are now in Hollywood. Lisa came in and shut it down and I’m not just saying that because she is my girlfriend but I am being a bit bias too, I must say lol! I enjoy watching the show a lot and I can not wait for the reunion show where even more will be unveiled! Then I thought about it, we live very close to each other and I’m always at her house or we are going out somewhere together and I’ve NEVER bothered to ask her for an interview lol. We had a slumber party at her house the other night and I pulled out my cell and started recording an interview with her right on the spot! I told her I was jealous because all of these other news outlets got to her first! Smh…see how your friends do yah…tah! Nawl, just kidding lol! So check out what Lisa had to say about heading back into reality tv, misconceptions of her, new glam squad she is working with, supposed beef with newest housewife Kenya Moore and so much more! Happy Monday!

What’s this supposed beef between you and newest castmate on Atlanta Housewives Kenya Moore? What I said was is that she seems to provoke people. I never said that I didn’t like her, I met her a few times and it doesn’t appear to be the same person. I said that I’m glad that we weren’t on the show at the same time. I saw where she had that scepter and was pointing it in Porsha’s face, I didn’t like that. I’m a trained Martial Artist and respecting my personal space is in the best interest of everyone. You can feel and say what you feel from a distance lol.

How do you feel about going back into reality tv after being away for so long? I was definitely a lil apprehensive in the beginning when I was asked to do another docuseries. I had just got divorced and I was going through a lot at the time. So far it has been good and the fans love that I am back and the show is doing exceptionally well!

What’s the biggest misconception about you? One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that people think that I do not have custody of my kids and that I initially lost them because of drug use. I have never been on drugs and if I had been that is nothing to be ashamed of if I was delivered from that. That would be a great testimony it’s just not my story. In divorce it becomes about who has the most money and power. End of story.

Another misconception is that they say I left my ex husband because of financial issues, he was my best friend. I would have never left him. How do you leave without leaving? I didn’t leave nor did I file. People tend to want to believe the negative stories about me. I guess that’s more interesting to them. Lol.

Your whole style seems to have evolved now that you are on a new tv series. Who are you working with this time around? I still love classic looks that are timeless but I have a bit of edginess in me as well. I’m working with fashion designer Sergio Hudson from Columbia, South Carolina who also won on Rihanna’s fashion reality show. Atlanta celebrity stylist Julian Lark is also doing some things for me too. My makeup artists in Los Angeles is Makeup Shayla and a young lady named Evelyn. Elijah has been my hairstylist in Atlanta for years here and I also work with Karl J in Los Angeles.

Who do you butt heads with the most on Hollywood Divas? On the show I must say that Golden Brooks and Elise Neal are the two that I butt heads with the most. Like I said on the show, you will come to respect me and I will make you a believer! Funny thing is, now they are in my world of realty tv and all it entails!

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3 thoughts on “Pink Spotlight: One On One With Actress & Reality Star Lisa Wu

  1. I always wondered where they put their purses and jackets.

    Thanks for sharing. I like her. I liked her and DeShawn. They didn’t have much drama but they showed the positive side of life.

    What will her next scripted project be?

  2. Love that you two have formed a true friendship. Which is very difficult to do in this business ( I would imagine) and more difficult forming new friendships as we get older. Good to hear about Lisa clearing up the misconceptions. I too had thought that she left Ed when their finances became strained.

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