New Documentary: Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown


On Friday, October 24th I was invited out to check out a new HBO Documentary called, Mr Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown. I didn’t know what to expect but I missed the movie that came out earlier this year, so I had to make my way to see this because I really like James Brown and his music. I remember my mom playing his song and I loved how he dressed with those tailored suits! 


We gathered in our seats at The Woodruff Arts Center where we watched the film via the Bronzelens Film Festival and I must say, it was EXTREMELY good! I didn’t know much about James Brown except for what I heard and I don’t think I ever got to meet him on the red carpet but I had heard so much. The film was produced by Mick Jagger his dear friend and directed by Alex Gibney. I left with so many emotions and teared up because he was a lonely man and hardly trusted anyone. I was also blown away when I found out that musician Bootsy Collins use to play for him in the band, actually him and his brother! It was very enlightening, informative, funny, sad and it kept my attention the whole time!

It chronicles the musical ascension of the hardest working man in show business who forever changed the face of American music. The documentary was made with the unique cooperation of the Brown Estate, featuring rare never-before seen archival footage and photographs along with current interviews. You have to see this amazing film that premieres on HBO Monday, Oct 27th at 9pm.

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