Pinky Review: Eau de Gaga Fragrance

lady gaga

I was sent a new fragrance to try out by pop singer Lady Gaga! Most times when celebrities launch a perfume I find it a bit cheesy and don’t really care for it but this one, was a bit different I must say! From the sleek bottle to the aroma, I loved it and I can definitely see both sexes wearing it! The new fragrance is called Eau De Gaga and it smells divine. Walking pass someone, they will surely turn around to see who’s wearing that fragrance! Ha! 

I’m a huge fan of citrus smelling fragrances, so if that’s your thing, you will love it! The first thing I thought of was a strong sense of lime. I sprayed this on during the morning time and have been prancing around the house and its quite lovely and made me feel ultra sexy. Too bad Mr. Reed is out of town working lol. Its bold and strong and I like it! Available now in most department stores! xoxo


lady gaga

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