What Are the Benefits Of “Rinse & Repeat” When Shampooing Your Hair?

You may have heard of the ‘rinse and repeat’ theory when shampooing your hair. In fact, you may already have adopted this approach. If you haven’t heard of it then you’re certain to be curious.
Rinse and repeat simply means washing your hair with a little shampoo before rinsing it, and then repeating the process. Of course, this will leave you wondering if this is a good idea.

What Your Shampoo Does
Shampoo is designed to open the cuticles on your hair, allowing the debris and any other toxins, including oil, to be washed out. In most cases the shampoo won’t lather excessively when you wash, this is because it is reacting with the oil on your scalp.
Rinsing the shampoo out removes the debris and allows you to use a conditioner to lock the moisture in.

Why Rinse & Repeat
Rinsing and repeating, or shampooing twice isn’t essential for everyone. You’ll need to assess your hair type and how effectively you rinse. Leaving any product in can make your hair seem stringy and greasy, that’s not a good look.
Equally, if you have an oily scalp you’re likely to find that shampooing once won’t remove all the oil. This sums up the main reason why you should rinse and repeat.
The benefit is that you’ll remove excess oil while ensuring that your hair still has the moisture and nutrients it needs. If you’ve never tried rinsing and repeating before then you’ll find that your hair will be transformed after you’ve done it a few times.
You should note that there is a limit. Shampooing increases the risk of drying out your hair. That’s why it’s advisable not to rinse and repeat more than once at a time.
Of course, if your hair already looks and feels fantastic you may not want to start rinsing and repeating. It won’t do any harm. But, if you don’t suffer from an oily scalp you may not see much benefit in adopting this approach.

The Right Product
Perhaps the biggest element of getting shampooing twice right is to use the best product possible. It’s worth taking the time to look at natural ranges such as Evo. These products are made without chemicals, helping to ensure your hair is looked after and feels fantastic.
If you opt for a shampoo with harsh chemicals in it then you’ll find these can damage your hair, no amount of washing will help.
It is worth talking to friends regarding the hair products they use. However, you need to remember that your hair is unique, just like you. That means trial and error is the best approach to finding the right hair product. But, as mentioned, you need to avoid ones with harsh chemicals.

The Lather
A giveaway that you need to wash your hair twice is when the first shampoo produces very little lather. This can be related to the oil on your scalp or the hardness of your water. However, if you wash it a second time and it lathers well, you’ll know the issue is your hair and scalp. In this case, you’ll definitely benefit from rinsing and repeating.

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