Pinky Review: HookedUp Shapewear

hooked up shape wear

You guys see that I am all smiles this afternoon! Thats because I got a new body shaper in and I had to tell yah all about it! Its a cool new twist to your already over saturated market of shape wear, this time I found a product called, HookedUp Shapewear and they reached out to me and asked if I would like to try one of their shapers. What’s so different about their shapers? Come inside to find out more. 

hookedup shapewear

I did a bit of research on the brand and watched their videos and with their shapers, they have hooks that go on your bra strap and it prevents the shaper from rolling down, which is very annoying and it makes it appears like you have these extra bulges because thats what most shapers do. I will admit, it took me a few minutes and a lot of deep breathes to get in this Mid-Thigh High-Waisted Culotte Cuissard. I received a size large and its pretty snug oh my! My son played camera guy for me and he was laughing his head off when I was wiggling trying to get it up lawd!

Once I was in it, I liked how it fit and it has some elastic at the bottom to prevent the shaper from rolling up your though too! Its also equipped with a crotchless bottom just in case you need to use the bathroom. I always try to go before I leave the house because I would have to take it off while out. It fit nice and my son added the hooks to my bra in the back and I was done. Its pretty simple to use but if you don’t have anyone at home with you to help you, that can be a bit tedious but I watched a video where a lady did it all by herself. It doesn’t take someone to be a rocket scientist to figure it out lol.

So I like it and the one I have is available on the site! Check them out and tell em I sent yah if you are in need of a new one or never purchased one! I always stress that I don’t care how big or small you are in size, everyone lady needs one to smooth out your dress etc! Thanks HookedUp Shapewear for sending! xoxo

hookedup shapewear

hookedup shapewear

hookeup shapewear

hookedup shape wear

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