Pinky Review: Irresistible Me’s Hair Extensions

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I love me a glam look and when Irresistible Me Hair Extensions reached out to me to try their new hair line, I jumped at the opportunity! I had never heard of the company but after reviewing their website, I was excited to try their clip-in hair extensions! 

I’ve been giving my hair a break with weaves, so these clip-ins are great for someone like me who’s constantly on the go, headed to events weekly, getting interviewed and having tons of photoshoots. It adds just enough volume for my thinning hair and gives me a totally different look. I’ve reviewed clip-ins in the past but nothing like these! I really and truly loved this particular hair line!


First off, when the package arrived, I was very impressed! It came in a very nice box and inside sealed tight hair extensions. Inside there were 9 clip-ins in total that were securely fastened to the hair clips. My daughter Dootie and I loved the 16 inch length and the quality of the hair! I immediately washed and blow-dried my hair and sectioned it off to apply the clip-ins. This part took no time to do. We just parted my hair,  snapped in the clips-ins and we were done.

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Hair washed and blow-dried

photo 2

Variety of clip-ins

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Parted hair for installation

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After we applied all the clip-in extensions we brushed through the hair lightly then Dootie wand curled my hair, section by section. The results were fabulous and we both loved the outcome! The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions are awesome you guys and I definitely encourage you to give them a try! They are sturdy and well secured to my hair. If you do decide to try them, tell em I sent yah! I have a promo code just for you guys, use it at checkout and get 10% off, use IrresistibleTammieRetails for $129. xoxo

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Clip ins all in, the hair curled up very nicely!

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Its coming together, yes!

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How to add clip in hair extensions video:

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  1. Hi! I love this look on you I just ordered some myself what did you use to curl the hair?? A wand or curling iron? Thanks 🙂

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