Pinky Review: Spanx Pillow Cup Signature Unlined Full Coverage Bra


I’m often asked in many emails or if someone sees me out in public, the burning question of what type of undergarments am I wearing. I love sharing that 90% of the time, I am wearing Spanx. I have been a lover of the brand for MANY years now, and the brand is like family to me. Now and then they send me knew products to try, or I may reach out to them if I see something I want to review. I am a very busty woman and I know that I need to wear the proper bra & undergarments to make my outfits look nice. There is nothing worse than seeing a young lady out with droopy boobs or an ill-fitting bra. It will make or break your whole outfit. 

Here in Atlanta it gets pretty hot, everyone knows that. So with the warmer weather you see ladies out wearing tank tops, strapless jumpsuits and sundresses. When wearing these type of clothing, you still need to have on the proper bra, no matter what. Here in these photos I am wearing a spaghetti strap tank top with a strapless bra. People ask me all the time, what brand of bra am I wearing that holds me up so good because they see that I am busty. So here is the strapless bra that I am wearing. It’s the Spanx pillow top signature strapless bra it’s very comfortable and I love it. I have this bra in black and nude.


In this particular photo, I am wearing the Pillow Cup Signature Unlined Full Coverage Bra. It holds my girls up pretty good too and looks pretty nice underneath a thin tank top. I hope this helped everyone and check out the Spanx site to see all they have. Till next time. xoxo



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