Pool party at W Hotel

The Wow suite at W Hotel

I was invited out to the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta. They were having a pool party on the rooftop. Isoul Harris my boo, was hosting the festivities. I didn’t think of bringing my bikini but went to cool off because it’s almost 100 degrees outside. Trust me, I would have put it on too because it’s that hot here lol.

Craig posed up

The fashionable Isoul Harris

Check out the pedi and Gucci sandals smh!

Me and my girl Aimee got the to the W Hotel early when Craig texted me to come up to their presidential suite where they were hanging out. The suite was called the “WOW” room at the W Hotel. When we entered the suite, it had a great view and we loved the purple decor!

My boo’s love em!

Isoul came out glammed up with shorts and a designer tee on and Gucci sandals. He is not going to worry me, a mess! He is so fashionable lol. We then headed down to the pool area and the party was just starting.The music was pumping and people were ready to partee. We chatted,danced,sipped cocktails and had a great time. Belvedere was the official liquor sponsor. As the night went on, people starting to jump in the pool with their clothes on and one guy stripped down to his undies. He didn’t care who was looking and dove ┬áright in. I was dying laughing, but at least his undies were nice!

Jason, Me and Brian(Be Magazine)

Ken, Myleik and Isoul

Kim and Kim

Matt,Me and Aimee

Craig and I goofing around in pool lol

Hey yall!

As hot as it was last night, I felt like doing the same thing but you know a diva and her hair, no mam! I had frizz ball anyway, so it wouldn’t have made much of a difference lol. We enjoyed ourselves and thanks to Isoul and Craig for the personal invite, fun times!

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