I can’t wait to see this movie, “Precious”. This looks so dark and scarey but worth seeing. I grew up in a very dysfunctional household and I can definitely relate to some of the scenes I saw in the movie trailer. I wasn’t physically abused or anything but the mental abuse was there. I really feel for the character Precious in the movie.


I read somewhere that this is based on a true story from the novel  Push: by Sapphire. Monique plays the mother in this chilling movie.  I’ve met her several times, I never thought that she could play a character like that. She is known for being a funny lady, so to watch the trailer and see her transform is unbelievable. Gabourey Sidibe who plays Precious, deserves an Oscar for her performance.Mariah Carey also stars in the movie as a social worker. No makeup, no hairdo, no glitter, go Mariah. I’m upset that I have to wait a whole month to see this movie, it doesnt hit movie screens till November 6th. argh! Please check this movie out,it looks really good. I’m gathering all my girlfriends up to go!  Lets stop the abuse people!

(Atlanta area only)*Leave a comment below for a chance to win a pair of passes!  I will contact the winner!


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