Quick Guide On Choosing A Suitable Flower Girl Dress For A Winter Wedding

When it comes to choosing a suitable flower girl dress for a winter wedding, often things can get confusing and difficult as there is so much choice and not a lot of advice out there for you to read. As a budding bride, it’s understandable that you don’t want to be stressed out or worried about choosing the best flower girl dress when you have the whole wedding day to organize yourself. Below we have listed some quick tips and pieces of advice for those of you who are struggling to choose a flower girl dress or need to some help deciding what is best. We know our stuff, and we’d love to share that wisdom with you! 

Think about the Color

Winter weddings are beautiful with the snow and cold weather but what makes them even better is that you can choose a dress color that matches or contrasts with the traditional winter colors. Snow is typically white which means you can match your little flower girls dress to the white aesthetic or you can contrast this with a plum or darker purple color. Virtually any color will look amazing on a small girl especially when she has special sparkly accessories. Remember that winter wedding colors don’t have to be dark if you don’t want them to be. Whatever your personal preference is must be the main priority. 

Try a Dress with a Long Skirt

When the weather is cold and raining, it can get uncomfortable and unenjoyable for everyone. This is often the case with winter weddings since the weather isn’t as sunny during these months. For those of you who are worried about this being a problem for the small flower girls, we would recommend looking for a dress with a longer skirt. This will mean she stays warm and her legs are not bare to the cold of the outside. Many flower girl dresses have long skirts anyway, but recently shorter skirts have been a preference. 

Consider Interesting and Unique Patterns 

While simple, white flower girl dresses may seem like the choice you want to opt before, you should consider all the different patterns and designs you can buy before purchasing your favorite; surprisingly there are a whole host of exciting and beautifully designed flower girl dresses that are waiting for you to choose them! A bonus is that little girls love to feel pretty and adding some color to the dress can make it even better than before. People often forget that a perfect added touch to any flower girl dress is to add the color of the bridesmaid dress so that your little ones blend perfectly with the bridal party. If you’ve already bought your bridesmaid dresses, then you can get in contact with the supplier and ask for some extra material. Sometimes they will charge you a small fee, but often it’s free if you’ve already bought dresses from them. 

Adding colors can truly make the flower girl dresses look a lot more unique, and everyone is sure to love your quirky idea. This is perfect for a winter wedding when your bridesmaids are wearing a dark navy or purple color. You could add a belt to the flower girl dress for the ultimate DIY flower girl dress!

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