How To Be A Good And Longtime Friend, No Drama Zone

I’ve been counting on my hands and toes to find out actually how long I’ve been knowing my friend Ramona. I know it has got to be over 12 years? I think that is correct lol. I remember interviewing her for my tv show years ago. She used to own a real popular bakery up here in the Gwinnett area and she’d make these really wild cakes. She became my personal baker. Any event that I had, she was the one who would make me any kind of cake I dreamt of. We became fast friends and have been inseparable ever since.

We also live really close to each other too. Like maybe 15 minutes away. I’m usually over her house at any given time of the day, coming over in onesie pajamas grabbing a plate of food or just to hang out. I’ve seen her kids grow up and she has seen mine. Now, I’m going to be a grandma soon and she has given me some great advice. I often take Ramona to lots of movie screenings or places to eat, we have tons of fun! Yesterday we ventured off to a new restaurant in the area then later watched Netflix movies on the couch all snuggled up with blankets, drinking tea and coffee. 

I will admit though, a few years ago we loss touch with each other. Not because anyone was mad, it was just life. I was busy doing what I do and she was running her bakery and more. Her husband is a pastor and they were building their fellowship as well. So for a few years we just didn’t have that much time to see each other. We recently got back on track and it’s been a great thing. She has always had a great listening ear, especially with my breakup, she has been right there! When I had my injury a few weeks ago, she came right over and made sure I was alright. We all need friends like that.

I have recently heard so many horror stories about women and friendships that made me write this post today. It was heavy on my heart. I’ve been hearing how some people can be so down low, vindictive, sneaky and mean to each other and they call themselves friends. If you notice I have had the same friends for years and I have never did some of the things that I hear about, omg.

Me and my best friend have been friends for over 35 years and our bond is strong. More women need to stick together, have no judgement and really listen to one another. I am not going to sit here and say that I’ve been the ideal friend either because I have my own stuff, but I have tried to fix relationships that were a bit toxic. I do agree you don’t need added drama in your life but if you really see value in someone, try to work it out. Keep your friends close and love and pray for them. I have listed a few tips below on how you can be a good friend. I hope this helps. Till next time! xoxo

Tips On How To Be A Good Friend
Keeps his or her word. This makes for predictability, stability, and a long relationship.
Trusts you enough to be himself or herself in your company. What you get is what you see.
Keeps your confidence and stands by your side through thick and thin. You can trust him or her to support you.
Is frank with you about your missteps. This will help you avoid humiliating yourself or antagonizing others.
Honors your beliefs, values, and priorities. He or she may not share them, but will protect your right to hold them.
Is magnanimous with his or her time and resources, within reason. This friend will help you meet your needs whenever possible without martyring himself or herself.
Looks out for you when you are vulnerable. You will come to no harm when he or she is around, even if your vulnerability is the result of your own irresponsible behavior.
Gives back as much as he or she gets from your relationship. This allows for balance and respect in your relationship, making you true equals.
Does not hold grudges against you for your past mistakes. Thus, he or she allows you to learn from your experiences and gives your friendship the opportunity to grow.
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