Range Beauty CEO’s Myisha and Alicia Appear On ‘Shark Tank’

I absolutely LOVE watching Shark Tank and I think that is because I’m self employed and been pretty much most of my life lol. I get a kick outta seeing all the new inventions and all the negotiations that go on. I’ve met some of the hosts too, so that makes it even better! I was so excited to see two ladies Myisha and Alicia from Atlanta who were the first to enter the Tank! They both introduced their clean line of beauty products specially formulated for melanin-rich skin. This aired last Friday and I love the name of the beauty brand Range Beauty! See a video clip of them pitching inside and check out their website! More inside…

Alicia started her career in the New York fashion industry, Alicia noticed the obvious unavailability of shades during photoshoots & runway shows. This experience mirrored her makeup collection. Not only was it difficult to find the right shade & undertone, steeply punishing price points and sensitive skin triggering formulas were the only options.

Amidst a lack of shades and thoughtless ingredients that inflamed her eczema and acne, she decided to create a solution that would not compromise the color, care, or condition of her skin.


(Pics by ABC/Christopher Willard)



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