Kiwi The Beauty’s 10th Annual ‘Groovy Galentine’s Day’ Brunch

I had a great time going to Kiwi The Beauty’s 10th Annual Galentine’s Day Brunch held this year at No Mas Cantina in Atlanta. I have been knowing fellow blogger babe Kiwi for over 10 years now and she has always been such a sweetheart! So although there is a huge gap between our ages, I still try to support her and other things she is doing! We’ve been on tons of press trips together and have formed a bond lol. We will also be heading to Walt Disney World together this week for a press trip, so stay tuned for that!

Anyway, this year she did a themed event where she wanted everyone to wear their favorite shade of red and make it hippie-style! I loved seeing all the ladies dressed up, so fun! We played lots of games and exchanged Galentine’s Day gifts. Kiwi had to push her event back a bit this time around because she was traveling but everything was still very nice and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year, enjoy the snaps and be safe guys, more inside….

Love Aunt Mary!

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