Rapper Lil Baby & Jayda’s Son Loyal’s 2nd Birthday Extravaganza!

Over the weekend my grandson Legend attended Rapper Lil Baby & Jayda’s son Loyal’s 2nd birthday celebration held at The Westisde Warehouse! Event planner Jahlil McAllister was back at it turning a huge space into a Blippi Extravaganza! If you guys remember Legend attended Loyal’s 1st birthday last year and it was a Lego themed event click here.

I had never heard of Blippi but I quickly googled to find out that he helps children understand the world and encourages vocabulary developed. He loves to sing, dance, play and explore! I’m assuming this is Loyal’s favorite character and that’s why the theme was all decked out like his persona. The venue was transformed for children of all ages to enjoy and I had a complete ball. I know my grand baby did too! When we arrived, it was a huge balloon arch to greet us, with a food truck complete with chicken and fries and other delights. Once we entered the building there was a gifting and hand sanitary station.

People wore masks and it was tons to do, I mean a lot! A live dj was there too playing all of Lil Baby’s greatest hits, there was painting, petting zoo, science lab station, putt putt area, basketball and pin ball machines. On the other side of the huge space was a dance floor, ball pit, photo opt station and a fully equipped bar for kid friendly signature drinks. It was a lot more going on but we were too busy having a good time lol. Legend was all over the place lol. Everyone left with a stuffed custom goody bag. Take a peek at all the snaps I got and thanks to Jayda & Lil Baby for the personal invite…Stay blessed! 

Loyal arrived in Gucci down to the socks! Wearing a cardigan with patches and matching sweater with sneakers, fresh!

Loyal says hello to all his friends and thanks them for coming out to celebrate with him, so cute!

Bar station for signature kid friendly cocktails

LOVED Loyal’s birthday cake, so adorable and the pictures rotated inside y’all!

Putt Putt station

Ball Pit

We LOVED the petting zoo station with exotic animals!

I was not scared of this lizard lol!

Legend in Versace shirt, jeans and Balenciaga speed trainer sneakers, dope!

Stilt walker and she juggles too!

Take home custom “Blippi” party favors, thanks for the invite guys!

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