Recap: Atlanta Plugged In

atlanta plugged in

Hey guys what a day omg! It started out with my car breaking down and me being frantic trying to figure out how I was going to get to the news station. You guys know that at CBS 46 Atlanta Plugged In is live and I had only about an hour and a half to get to downtown Atlanta. Thank goodness my makeup artist was close and she was able to get me there safe and sound and still do my makeup and hair, LOVE you Alex! I live about an hour from Atlanta so I buy cash cars because I rack up so many miles on them and burn out the engines because of my commute back and forth to the city daily! Thats what happened to my Mercedes a few years ago and then today it happened again with this car I have. Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do but I know God will provide and I have to leave it in his hands. The tow truck just took my car to the junk yard for me because it was NO saving it either! Geesh, its funny because all my friends that I talked to today all said the same thing. The devil doesn’t want to see me blessed and will try to road block me, but I have to stay strong and I will! 

So today I got myself together and hit the station ready to talk about the 2015 Trumpet Awards, Married to Medicines‘s Lisa Nicole’s Sip & See and the producers switched it up on me and wanted to discuss the SAG Awards Red Carpet looks and it being National Bubble Wrap Day lol. They are saving our red carpet interview with Actors Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie for another day. So that was the segment and the video is now up and on the site now and I have a copy of it here for your pleasure. I want to also thank all my supporters for tuning in and tweeting today that watched! I really appreciate you all and now I’m on the phone and looking online for vehicles lol! Love yah and thanks for reading! xoxo

atlanta plugged in

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